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What Are The 4 Types of Immigration?

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When people speak about the four types of immigration, what they are actually talking about is the four immigration statuses in U.S. immigration law. These include citizens, legal permanent residents, non-immigrants, and undocumented immigrants. Reach out to our law firm today for help achieving your immigration goals, no matter your current status.

1. Citizens

Citizen status refers to being a full citizen of the United States with all rights and privileges available in this country. Immigrants may receive citizen status by taking the Oath of Allegiance, passing tests on knowledge of U.S. history and government, demonstrating strong English skills, and showing good moral character. Citizenship is often the goal of immigrants and takes time and effort to obtain, but it has many benefits. Contact us today for help getting started towards becoming a lawful permanent resident!

2. Residents

Another immigration status is that of a lawful resident. These individuals hold a green card, showing they have a right to live in the U.S. but are not citizens yet. Green card holders enjoy many benefits, such as more accessible travel in and out of the U.S. and being able to sponsor their family members for legal residence. They also may qualify for social security and attend college for less money.

3. Non-Immigrants

Non-immigrants include persons who enter the United States on a temporary protected status, such as for work. There are a wide variety of employment visas and non-immigrant statuses for other visitors. Many people are familiar with H-1B visas which employers may use to bring in specialized workers, but these visas have a cap on how many people can be approved each year. If you need a non-immigrant visa for employment or for any other reason, we urge you to speak with a legal professional to find the best path for getting visa approval.

4. Undocumented Immigrants

Finally, undocumented immigrants are also known as “illegal aliens.” These individuals did not follow proper legal procedures for entering the United States and may be subject to deportation. They may still submit paperwork that could allow them to continue living in the United States, but they should do so under the guidance of a skilled immigration attorney.

Should You Hire Our Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration law is complicated, and many regulations change quickly and without notice. Hiring a lawyer is an excellent way to start your immigration journey off on the right foot. Our law firm has nearly 30 years of experience helping individuals like you become legal residents and citizens of the United States. We know how important this decision is for you and your family, so we will communicate clearly with you throughout the immigration process so you can be an active participant at every step of the way.

For more information on your unique situation, please reach out to us right away at 312-728-4610. We charge for consultations, but our depth of knowledge and experience gives each meeting a great deal of value. It can save you from the heartache of unnecessary delays or even deportation. Call today!

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