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Attorney Kevin L. Dixler has represented U. S. Immigration clients  since 1993. The legal community honored him as a Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer in immigration law for nine consecutive years. He also received Martindale Hubbell’s AV Rating as a Preeminent and Distinguished immigration attorney. He has been an active member of the Chicago Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association for over a quarter of a century.

It is critical to seek accurate timely legal advice from a competent and experienced immigration attorney. Avoid mistakes with the assistance of a dedicated and ethically considerate immigration lawyer.

Important U.S.C.I.S. deadlines, along with changes in immigration procedure, take place with little public notice. There are too many rumors that encourage deportation or scare immigrants away from getting help. Some may be qualified, but have difficulty getting their applications approved or an immigration judge to believe them. Few can afford to remain afraid or poorly informed. End your confusion by hiring a law firm that not only specializes, but devotes its entire practice to immigration and visa law.

The often confusing and incomplete instructions for U.S.C.I.S. immigration forms cause applicants to delay, which creates anxiety and uncertainty. Some, even those married to U. S. Citizens, are indefinitely disqualified from processing their green cards in the United States without help. Some Applicants who depart for visa processing at a U.S. Embassy may find themselves unable to lawfully immigrate for ten years, perhaps, for the rest of their lives.

A decision to delay, depart, apply, or remain in the United States can have serious long-term consequences. We help to navigate your family or organization through the laws, regulations and procedures with confidence and control. Call us today!


Some people wonder why someone should afford and hire attorneys to fill out forms. Well, representing immigrants and their families is a bit more involved. An experienced attorney is aware of how the U.S.C.I.S. works. The answers may create complications.



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Mr. Dixler specializes in immigration, visa law, citizenship and related matters since 1993. He is a 25 year member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. He now serves on AILA’s USCIS National Field Office Operations Committee.



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