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What Happens If Your Form I-751 Is Denied Due to Lack of Evidence?

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The I-751 is used for conditional green card holders to remove their residency conditions. Having Form I-751 approved means you will have conditions, or hold, on permanent residence without requirements for reapproval and is an excellent way to one day obtain U.S. citizenship. However, getting Form I-751 approved can be tricky and requires care, including providing adequate evidence that you deserve to have your immigration status updated.

When seeking lawful permanent residency without conditions, you should contact a trusted legal professional. They will know whether you will be eligible for upgraded status, what forms to submit, when to file, and how to gather appropriate evidence. Contact our law firm today to get started!

What Are Some Common Reasons for the Denial of Form I-751?

Many immigrants are not approved for Form I-751 because they miss important deadlines at the USCIS. Unfortunately, the timelines can vary. This is why you should work with an immigration attorney familiar with USCIS and can act quickly to avoid missing deadlines.

Some other common reasons that Form I-751 is denied are:

  • Insufficient documentation or not providing needed documents that cover the required period
  • Enough documentation to overcome the presumption of marriage fraud
  • One or both applicants were unable to show up for the USCIS interview
  • The U.S. citizen’s spouse refused to file jointly or attend the interview
  • The USCIS determines that your marriage was fraudulent because the answers given during questioning in separate interviews were significantly different
  • Criminal convictions that result in deportation

What Evidence Can I Provide to Get My I-751 Approved?

Not all immigrants with Form I-751 denied are summoned to court for deportation proceedings. This can be stressful, so you should seek adequate legal help from a trusted immigration attorney to defend you in court. You will have the chance to support your case by providing additional evidence, questioning witnesses, and explaining why you didn’t make a deadline in your original application.

Some helpful documentation that you should consider submitting may include but is not limited to:

  • Appropriate photographs
  • Sworn statements from friends and family members who know the couple, explaining their experiences with them
  • Children’s birth certificates, if applicable
  • Evidence of joint bank accounts or mortgages you held in both names
  • Information that proves your marriage was entered into in good faith

Should You Hire Our Immigration Lawyer?

Even if your I-751 is denied, there is still hope! You can appeal the decision and provide the needed evidence. Working with an experienced and talented attorney gives you the best chance of success.

At Dixler Law, we work exclusively on immigration law and have been helping clients with their immigration goals for nearly 30 years. Our attorney has received numerous awards for his skill in immigration law, including family and marriage-based immigration. If you need help getting your I-751 approved based on marriage or for any reason, call us today at 312-728-4610.

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