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Thanks for taking the first step. Those interested in help should call to schedule an appointment. These meetings often last an hour, perhaps longer. I can usually provide a plan, but alternatively, advice and an explanation. I depend upon all my clients, even those who rely only upon an appointment. I have practiced immigration, citizenship, and visa law since 1993. It can take time to reasonably investigate and research, then advise immigrants. I try to uncomplicate the law to make my advice as clear as possible. Both appropriate and questionable immigration options are discussed.

Opinions are based upon my extensive experience and knowledge of immigration law and procedure. I have educated other immigration attorneys One appointment may be all that is required. Prepaid legal fees and expenses before filing are often the custom. The office works with clients who are reasonable and timely payment plans are part of the immigration practice. Unfortunately, at times the D.H.S. is not as reasonable. This means that fees vary depending upon the amount of work that must be done.

Our office accepts American Express, Discover, Visa and Mastercard credit cards. We charge $225 for an appointment, Zoom Video, or teleconference. This fee is usually subtracted from the “intended fee,” because most seek representation. Usually, the quoted “intended fee” is all that is charged for attorneys fees. However, there are those with unusual situations or experience unexpected delays.

The average one hour time frame for an appointment or teleconference makes a big difference. Unlike a brief free consultation, appointments allow attorneys to complete a thorough review with a minimal commitment. I can provide exceptional immigration advice, while presenting and explaining confusing immigration and visa laws. Often, coffee, donuts, and a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, with little explanation, is just not enough. The “why me” and ‘how does law or processing work’ questions require more time and attorney dedication to the client relationship.

If a client qualifies to file for a visa, then I carefully explain the procedures and processing risks (doctors refer to this as “informed consent”).

I recommend whether it is worthwhile to apply now or delay until an appropriate opportunity exists in the future. I also discuss what to do in an immigration emergency. Most clients have the right to appear before an immigration court. They should insist on a hearing! Clients may qualify in the future, but can ruin opportunities by filing too early, committing fraud, and/or refusing to make a reasonable commitment.

Attorneys fees can vary based upon the facts disclosed by a client. The discretion and experience of a considerate practitioner makes a difference. Attorneys fees ‘should suggest’ the amount of actual risk, time, and effort involved in the work. As a result, our office quotes ‘expected fees,’ while creating attorney accountability with a reasonable fee cap for the agreement, which often proves unnecessary.

(c) 1998-2021 by the Law Office of Kevin L. Dixler, all rights reserved. The above is general information not meant to be legal advice and may not apply to all; we recommend appointments with experienced and ethically considerate immigration attorneys.